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Circular Saws

Technowood provide only the finest quality TCT tipped circular saws in Romania. Our high quality circular saws range from industrial wood and chipboard circular saws, to specialised circular saw blades for homogenous materials.

We supply circular saws with left / right handed teeth, flat type, trapez-flat type, and hollow face teeth. Technowood also offer custom made and circular saw reconditioning services.

Cutter Heads

Cutter heads are a core product of Technowood. We supply fixed cutter heads, adjustable cutter heads with spacer rings, or adjustable mechanism cutter heads in Romania.  Providing a full range of HM or HSS knives, and removable inserts, standard or profiled.

Technowood provide a complete custom-made cutter heads & consultancy service, we’ll ensure the exact cutter head for the job and offer CNC reconditioning services to ensure our clients efficient workflow.

PCD Diamond Tools

PCD diamond tools have a longer cutting life & cut with maximum precision to achieve the best finishing standards of any industrial wood tools. provide a wide range of diamond tools in Romania for the machining of solid wood and other wood-based materials such as chip board, laminates, MDF, HDF, PVC and CORIAN.

We also provide a complete consultancy service to deliver custom-made diamond tools in Romania, along with diamond tool reconditioning services to keep our clients business running smooth.

Planing Knives

Technowood provide a wide range of planing knives in Romania. Planing knives with clamping systems, strips for profiling system, removable knives, standard and profiled knives, with various models for portable electric planning machines.

We supply special planning knives for various fast clamping systems such as TERSA Knives, Centrolock Knives, Centrofix Knives, knives for VARIPLAN, SINUS or ESTA, which are used on the cutter heads for FELDER machines. We can also produce custom planing knives in any width or length upon request.

Reversible Knives

Our wide range of reversible inserts in Romania, including standard inserts with two, three or four cutting edges for wood profiling, planning, chipboard milling, nesting or simple cuttings. Technowood also supply all standard size inserts for hard and soft wood, and special composite reversible inserts.

For specialised inserts in Romania required for various radius’s, profiles, or edges with different geometry, send us your specifications and we can produce upon request.

Drill Bits

We keep a large stock of only the finest quality TCT tipped drill bits in Romania for use with solid wood and chipboard. Along with drill bit adapters for use with multiple bit drilling machines and high quality professional countersink drill bits in Romania.

Our drills bits are manufactured from the highest quality carbide with special shaping technology, properly selected for the type of machining process and material. Technowood also provide Monolithic drill bits in Romania, made entirely from high quality small-grain carbide with advanced profile sharpening technology.

Band Saws

Supplying the finest quality band saws and gang saws in Romania for timber processing in industrial saw mills. Narrow band saw blades with width between 10 mm to 60 mm and wide band saw blades with width between 80 mm to 310 mm.

We only supply band saw blades with hardened teeth due to the longer cutting life between sharpening compared to standard band saw blades. Technowood also provide a full sharpening, repair and custom band saw production service.

Shank Tools

We pride ourselves with only superior quality CNC shank tools & cutters in Romania. Providing shank cutters with tips from high speed steel (HSS) and carbide (HM) tips designed for professional machining of solid soft and hard wood, glued wood and other wood-based materials.

Technowood also provide monolithic spiral cutters in Romania, made entirely from carbide with advanced profile sharpening technology. On request, we can suggest, design and manufacture perfect custom shank tools in Romania for the required type of work, material, and parameters to meet specific conditions during machining.

Cutting Edge Guarantee

100% Guaranteed products, what does this mean?

We always offer & honour a 30-day return policy from the date of purchase. If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, send us back the product within the 30-day period and we will provide a full refund. This guarantee is valid for all products purchased from our online shop:

Tool Reconditioning Services

Wood tool reconditioning in Romania to the highest standards

Technowod is the only company in Romania providing CNC wood tool reconditioning. Our experience is second to none and we guarantee fast turnaround & excellent workmanship, ensuring your operations keep running smoothly

We are proud to be Romania’s leading supplier of only the finest industrial wood tools, and soul provider of wood tool reconditioning services in Romania.

Supplying only the finest quality products and custom made tools services, with the experience that ensures you get the right product for the job. Our top team of professionals are on hand for any information or technical issues.

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Getting the right tools for the job is paramount. Our consultancy & custom wood tools services provide complete CAD tool specifications & schematics, ensuring the perfect custom wood tools, keeping your industrial operations efficient & cost effective

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